The Return of The Timeless Handloom Sarees

The Return of The Timeless Handloom Sarees

Pure Tussar Silk Handmade saree

Modern era of Indian handcrafted sarees

As the classic handloom saree continues to act as an ode to Indian women, every girl from each corner of the nation is kicking her pleats, as she walks in her renewed avatar. Its seamless adaptation from a glamorous party, a traditional festival to a coffee shop catch-up makes the saree the most versatile garment on the planet. 



As Indian women, we are the luckiest of the lot to be able to experience it, directly and vicariously on so many levels. The saree is irreplaceable as nothing else can complement the Indian form in a more sensual manner.



Like they say, “If you want to be it, you need to dress for it!”.